AJB DataSoft

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Welcome to the AJB Datasoft website. We are a small company and our current focus is on providing data analysis / business intelligence tools that are low cost and effective for the education and small business market. There are many, many Business Intelligence tools available (often at high cost), but our area of concern seems to have few useful tools.

Our flagship product is SimpleCube (PRO, STD and BAS versions). It stores all data in memory and so is very fast at dealing with ad-hoc queries, charts and statistics. Tens of thousands of records can easily be manipulated and the PRO version also allows the creation of Dashboards that can be designed to show particular summary data to other users in the organization (without them needing any data analysis background).

Drag and drop fields to change filters and data partitioning. Version 4 now includes a reporting feature allowing custom reports to be created that show the raw data and/or the summary data, charts and statistics.

Please download the free demo version and try before committing to an order. Samples and a series of "How to" documents are provided with each version and over the next few months, various articles will be posted showing how to use the features of the program to view and understand patterns in your data.

User needs are very important to the future development of the software and you can find a forum as well as a set of blogs on this site. The forum is for users to help each other and provide requests for features to the developer. The blogs will provide tutorials and explain various features and uses for the software.

We are also happy to offer advice and consultation to small business or schools on the analysis of data and its interpretation for business strategy, monitoring or improvement.

Please let us know if there are services or products you can see that would be useful. We are based in Australia, so please be aware of time zones when expecting email or forum responses.