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Version 4 Released!

Version 4 is finally out!

The conversion of the stored format of JSON is complete and a extensive work has been done on some Dashboard components.


  • HTML editor has been replaced by a Rich Text Editor which is far more intuitive for users to work with.
  • As well as Data Fields and Statistics fields, the Rich Text Editor can also display some system information such as today's date and time.
  • Dashboard Filters are now linked to a single FilterManager (which manages a particular filter field). Multiple filter components can thus work on the same filter field. Filtermanagers can be chained so that downstream ones are impacted by the upstream filter settings.
  • Manifest changed to include Windows 10 (Windows recognises it as fully compatible software)


Dashboard reporting components

  • A banded report generator has been added as a dashboard component. The generator can access the raw data in the file as well as summary data from grids, chart data and statistics. 
  • Multiple-page reports can be created and these can be printed or exported to other formats.
  • As any filtering is applied to the data extracted for the report, the user can decide upon particular subsets of data that are shown making this an incredibly powerful tool.

We are very excited by the additions to our software - users with a current subscription will get the update for free by clicking "Check Updates" in the menu of their copy of SimpleCube Pro.

Checkout the DEMO or purchase a copy of SimpleCube Pro to explore the power of drag and drop data analysis which now also has banded report generation.

Version 3.1 released

The latest version is out! 

It adds some significant new functionality with Calculated Fields for the main data - now if you would like to add an extra column which can be used to aggregates and grouping, you don't need to export, add the column and reimport. Instead, you can just create a calculated field, specifying the formula for the field with a script function.

The charts component has been updated to the latest version and work continues on making the file format mainly JSON which will ultimately allow a web-version to be created.

Reading of legacy files has been improved and now any files from versions 2.7 to 3.1 can be read.

A few rare bugs have been fixed and the script code formatter has been tweaked.


I have data...now what?

We all have data, sometimes far too much of it. What now?

Back in high school, I recall endless hours of careful transcription of data onto graphs - indicating points and axes was quite an art and he who could draw a smooth free-hand line of best fit gained much credence. Now we have data visualisation (aka charting) tools and can show it in pie charts, bar charts, bubbles, lines, arrows and even stacked clip art images.

While such tools are useful it tapping into the strength of the human brain to see visual patterns (which are not so obvious in a column of numbers), it can still be hard to separate out the underlying trend from the detail.

SimpleCube may be able to help here as its prime interface uses summary data allowing a degree of removal from the detail. The detail is still there and can be used, but SimpleCube allows us to slice the data, using summary statistics to examine trends and overarching patterns.

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SimpleCube Coding

SimpleCube has been created using Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7. The benefits of this IDE are its RAD design as well as easy access to core Windows functionality. RAD Studio XE7 also allows for relatively easy cross compilation to the win64 platform.

A number of third party components are also used:

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