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Tube Snip

Introducing Tube Snip - a simple program that allows you to create snippets of video clips from YouTube.

The YouTube API has some neat features allowing start and end times, control over the on-screen interface as well as autostart and looping.

Tube Snip is a FREE program that combines a simple search tool with an editor to help users create the appropriate code for a webpage. I have used this extensively within an LMS providing online lessons - rather than needing to show the whole clip, this tool allows me to show just the relevant part of the clip for my students.

For example - the clip below takes a few lines from Martin Luther's speech "I have a dream". This could then be used as a prompt for an essay - so much better than typing out the text!


YouTube clip ID=smEqnnklfYs

You'll notice that the above works as expected on entry and clicking once. However, once the user interacts a bit more with the clip, the original start and end parameters are forgotten. An alternative option for output is to provide a built-in player. This will only show the part you require and can be replayed as many times as required.

 As this requires more scripting, it often cannot be placed within an LMS or other CMS. Click here to see it as a separate web-page.


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