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Demo Version

The SimpleCube Demo version showcases most of the PRO features. The Demo is time limited to 21 days and cannot export Statistics, refresh loaded data, nor can it create Dashboard View files.

SimpleCube PRO is a visual interface to a Desktop OLAP cube. The data is held in memory so is very fast to access. Various views of the data (slices of the cube) can be seen via the Grid windows or charted in the Chart windows. The Professional Version includes a statistics module which provides simple descriptive statistics, regression and other tests and a number of statistical models. It also includes a Dashboard feature which allows users to create interactive representations of the data that can then be viewed in a separate viewer program. This allows separation of the display of data from the manipulation. Data, charts, statistics and grids can be exported to Excel files. Dashboards are exported to their own file type or embedded with a file stub giving a single file containing the viewer and the data.

The visual interface can use multiple windows or a tabbed interface (which gives a bit more space for each display).

SimpleCube Pro models can import raw data from Text files, MS Excel spreadsheets, ODBC Sources or user designed SQL Queries.

A SimpleCube Pro model file holds all the data as well as parameters for the grids, statistics and charts. The file is in a proprietary compressed format to save disk space. This allows files to be shared easily but users need to be aware that no encryption is applied to the file and data and other parameters could be extracted.

An alternative format is the template file (use Save As Template / Load). This holds everything in a model apart from the data and so can be shared. Local data can then be loaded to use in the template.

The PRO version can read all the standard version files but adds a number of extra features:

  • Import using a user designed SQL query
  • Specify and convert field types on import
  • Create / Export Dashboards
  • Extra features for charts

Sample files and various "How to" documents are included in a subdirectory below the application executable.

If you wish to download the tutorials separately. click on the link below.

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